With vast workspace and warehouse space, we are engaged in a wide range of logistics operations with the best logistics system in Japan.

Strategic Logistics

By implementing “consolidated logistics” that handle multiple products from various clients, we pursue business efficiency
at all stages of our procedure. We also aim at achieving clients’ satisfaction as a reliable partner.

Logistics/Inventory Management

Logistics and inventory management are conducted by specialized departments separately.
We have the largest warehouse space in Japan, and currently boast 200,000 managed items and 160 million annual shipments.
We can afford enough working and storage spaces according to your needs, and secure next-day delivery within Japan (two-day delivery in some areas).
We are dealing with CD, DVD, BD packages, goods and posters of artists and characters, plus a wide range of genres such as home appliances,
AV equipment, game equipment, cosmetics, and other items (clothes, shoes, precious metals, miscellaneous goods, food etc.
By storing and managing inventory according to product characteristics, we support speedy and accurate logistics systems to improve your business efficiency.

Manual Work

Even items that are difficult to work automatically due to special specifications are handled by delicate manual work.

Quality Control

We regularly verify work and delivery quality, pursue the cause of accidents and take countermeasures.

* BtoC work accident record rate is 0.00031%. There is a probability of 1 in 300,000. (2018 / BtoC work accident record)

Fan Club Logistics System

Distribution other than general distribution such as fan clubs is also available.

Shipping to Venues

We will secure the delivery of goods to the concert venues.

Information Security And Environment Policy

As we have obtained ISO-27001 (ISMS) certification, you can safely deposit your important assets.
The entry and exit of our workers are accurately checked by security cameras and guards.
As for environmental considerations, we are working on pollution prevention, biodiversity conservation,
and environmental conservation activities, such as using recyclable materials for packaging.