We plan and develop digital programs that combine attractive content and cutting-edge technologies including signage, VR, and AR.
By combining images, lighting, animation, sound and special effects, we provide entertainment like never before.

MITENE -Interactive Digital Signage-

Two Functions of MITENE

“AR Signage”

MITENE is an interactive digital signage platform that enhances traditional digital signage with real-time “eyes” and “intelligence” through augmented reality (AR) technology.

“Distribution Platform”

MITENE Creator is a web-based management tool that makes management of the signage system easy for anyone, from content creation to marketing without any specialized IT knowledge.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can intuitively register visuals to create and distribute AR content. A range of convenient functions is available for powerful signage support, including group distribution to multiple terminals, non-distribution alerts, and email notifications on terminal errors.

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  • WOW Studio

  • WOW Studio

  • WOW Studio

Production Incorporating Latest Technologies

Combining the advanced technologies such as AR, VR, projection mapping, digital signage and entertainment, we produce various hands-on events, attractions that have never existed before.

  • "Desperate Fortress 3" at Fuji-Q Highland

  • “Ghost Busters Labyrinth” at LAGUNA TEN BOSCH

Avatar Agent

Avatar Agent is an information-reading video creation system that translates a text manuscript into a natural narration using a voice synthesis engine.
The facial expressions and motions are accompanied by the CG characters named "Midori Sawamura." You can also incorporate photos and videos, so it is a perfect tool for presentations for all purposes. See details.