Environmental Policy

Sony Music Group aims to deliver excitement and joy to people through various entertainment businesses. As a company that provides products enjoyed by you, we strongly recognize that it is essential to consider the environment.Reviewing the fundamental principles for our environmental activities, we seek the following:
"What is the impact our group's business has on the global environment?"
"What environmental message can we convey through business?"
and all employees will make continuous efforts to improve the environmental management system with the aim of reducing the environmental impact.

Basic Principles

1.As a group company, we will pay careful attention to the environment from the perspective of "climate change, resources, chemical substances, biodiversity" regarding our businesses (products and others).
2.We will continue to carry out energy and resource conservation activities and waste reduction activities.
3.We will seek possibilities for and take measures to mitigate environmental risk in addition to the above.
4.We will comply with environmental laws and regulations.

This environmental policy, together with the higher level document of Sony Group Environmental Vision, will be made known to all employees and also disclosed outside the company.

Michinori Mizuno
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Established April 1, 2001
Revised April 1, 2017